Employee Engagement and the Art of Caring

There’s one question on the People Gauge employee engagement survey that I’m going to let you into – why? Well because it’s my favourite and will always make people stop and think.

It’s positioned within the yellow slice of our People Gauge pyramid – in ‘Love and Belonging’ It’s all about how a person feels amongst their peers and seniors.

I mentioned that it makes people think…I have a wry smile on my face whilst writing this as it makes me wonder who thinks more – the boss or the employee. As the ‘boss’, when you see the list of survey questions and spot that one, can you hand on heart say that you’ve asked your staff lately how they are. I mean really looked at them, said “how are you” and cared about the answer you get? Also, dare I ask, did you actually listen and remember the answer?

OK, please don’t stop reading this blog, panic and run around your building grinning suspiciously whilst asking how everyone is today – just to tick a box! Let’s just carry on and prepare.

Many offices have that one person who genuinely seems to know and care about everyone they work with. The one that remembers kids’ names, that remembers someone had a sick relative or spends a few minutes checking in after the weekend and of course asks about their current workload. Many offices also have many people who ‘forget’ to ask. It’s your job as ‘the boss’ to care and always ask.

I know you care about the running of the business, you care about your bottom line and about your people, but let’s go back to the point in question…

When was the last time you asked someone how they were? Listened and cared?

By doing this, you’ll not only make that person feel valued, you’ll also most likely learn about something they’re working on, how you might be able to help them with that project and in turn get your business working more efficiently and effectively!

And how about this for a mantra “Care about your employees and they will care about you” and, in turn, they will care about the business. It all goes back to that word ‘engagement’. An engaged employee cares about the business, cares about doing a good job and in turn improves your business.

Learning the art of caring

  • Take time out to acknowledge your team when walking through the office
  • Stop by desks, ask what they’re working on, ask if they need any help – be interested
  • When you’re grabbing a coffee, ask the person next to you if they had a nice weekend, how are their kids, are they still running?
  • Make time for your staff one to one meeting – start by asking “how are you”
  • Tune in, listen and learn from their answers