For Consultants

The People Gauge Partner Programme means you can take your Employee Engagement offering to a deeper and more measurable level for your clients.

It provides you with the perfect tool to use alongside your employee engagement consultancy work.

You’ll get training and support to get you started and a whole raft of marketing materials and knowledge sharing to help you become just as passionate about Employee Engagement as we are!

What does it cost me?

It’s FREE to join the Partner Programme and you’ll become an accredited People Gauge delivery partner.

Our Partner Programme Gives You:

  • Exclusive rights to use People Gauge, Student Gauge and Parent Gauge
  • Ability to set up your own clients
  • Permission to run your own client reports as well as benefitting from our system generated ones to externally bench mark
  • Access a raft of training support, presentation templates and promotional materials
  • Access to our additional products and solutions, such as the Management Guides to interpreting results or our accredited 5P Programme to Improving Performance.

We also highlight your profile to clients who come to us direct when they are looking for additional employee engagement support in moving forward.

Use People Gauge, Student Gauge or Parent Gauge:

  • To establish a base line, so that they can measure the impact of all subsequent training
  • To help evidence the need for training interventions or targeted coaching
  • To help HR departments provide evidence that what they are doing is contributing to the organisation
  • To help Head Teachers understand the engagement levels of learners, staff or parents within their schools
  • As a sense check prior to IIP or Ofsted inspections
  • As the basis for developing on-going engagement solution for an organisation

Whatever and however you wish to use our surveys with your clients is up to you – we can advise but they are your clients and you know them best.

Access to all three surveys - you choose

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How to join our Partner Programme and Become Accredited

If you would like to become accredited to use People Gauge, Student Gauge or Parent Gauge then please contact us using the form below or email