People Gauge Employee Engagement Software

People Gauge Employee Engagement Software interprets the fundamental underlying principles of Maslow’s basic Hierarchy of Needs.  People Gauge helps you identify and highlight areas that you can focus on in order to proactively monitor and improve the engagement levels of people within an organisation, which will in turn improve their overall level of performance.


Psychologist Abraham Maslow produced a paper in 1943 “A Theory of Human Motivation” which suggested that people are motivated to fulfil basic needs before they are able to move on to other needs. His theory was universally adopted and is as valid today, as it was then, in understanding many aspects of human motivation and personal development.

Maslow’s ideas concerning the responsibility of employers to provide a workplace environment that encourages and enables employees to fulfil their own unique potential (self-actualisation) are more relevant than ever in our current climate.

Businesses with employees who are encouraged and able to reach their full potential become ‘actively engaged employees’.

Actively engaged employees are more motivated, more effective and more productive in whatever they are doing, which inevitably produces better results for the business or organisation in which they operate.

On the back of extensive research, People Gauge takes the concept of building blocks and applies it to the challenge that is engagement – providing you with a route map to greater levels of employee engagement.

So how does it all work?

People Gauge and Student Gauge are simple but sophisticated online solutions that accurately gauge what people or students think and feel about the organisation in which they are working or studying. By analysing responses to a series of 15 pre-set statements,using the principles of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, People Gauge and Student Gauge measure engagement levels amongst staff or students at any given point in time. The solution is straightforward and easy to use.

  • You can run People Gauge or Student Gauge as many times as you like and measure variances
  • Track the progress of people against the progress of the business or organisation
  • Review tangible statistical information and reports
  • Allows you to see where the ‘dark side’ is within an organisation so that you can do something about it
  • Allows you to focus where time and money would be best spent in relation to people
  • You can also add additional statements of your own if you have a particular issue that needs addressing at any point in time
  • Its inbuilt validity checks ensure total anonymity for all users so everyone can feel confident about telling it like it is

The Technical Stuff

Developed by regular business people, the People Gauge and Student Gauge solution is designed to be user friendly, intuitive and flexible. It’s also designed to be:

  • Hosted: So it doesn’t compromise your existing infrastructure. In fact, it doesn’t go anywhere near it.
  • Online: So it can be accessed remotely anywhere that you can get signal.
  • Secure: It doesn’t store any private information and all responses are anonymous.
  • Affordable: A solution that suits your budget and no long term contract.
  • Accommodating: 3 different styles of report, allowing you to drill down into your organisation.

People Gauge and Student Gauge are tools to be used by you and your clients at a time that’s right for you. That means you don’t have to sign up to newsletters or blogs and we won’t bombard you with sales calls. We’re confident you’ll want to come back and talk to us after using People Gauge or Student Gauge, so just get in touch when the time is right.