The Cost

So how much does this all cost and is it going to break the bank?

Good news – People Gauge offers simple online solutions. Our costs reflect our belief that this is not rocket science but an effective KPI with which you can work to help improve how you get the most out of your people. Our pricing model is simple. There is a one off initial set up fee and then a fee per survey which is based on a sliding scale depending upon the number of employees or students you have.

More Good news – we don’t need you to sign up to any long term agreement – there is no on-going contractual obligation and you don’t have to sign up to a newsletter or RSS feed or even a twitter account. We will not bombard you with sales calls but we will talk to you if you want. We love working with our regular clients and are confident you will want to come back and talk to us again once you’ve used our system.

Even more good news – we think you will love the results you can get from People Gauge, Student Gauge or Parent Gauge – and there are some significant economies of scale if you wish to talk to us about a licence arrangement moving forward.

If you’d like to kow more about our pricing, or you want a specific quotation, simply email and one of our team will get straight back to you