We’re very lucky to work with great organisations every day who are just as passionate as we are about getting employee engagement right.

We love seeing that eureka moment when leaders ‘get’ why an engaged workforce is critical for growth and productivity, and then choose to use People Gauge to identify areas that shine in their organisations as well as using it to address any ‘dark sides’.

Here’s what they say…

Head of People and Culture, Millennium Support

I’ve used lots of engagement platforms previously and I always recognise that you can have a plethora of data but gathering insight means taking this data and validating through listening and conversations with your people.

People Gauge provides a fantastic platform to do just that. It’s easy and user friendly for colleagues to give us their views and the reporting mechanisms are colourful, simple to understand with the ability to cut data in many ways.

People Gauge is an affordable solution, with a responsive technical team, giving lots of flexibility to the organisation to understand specific concerns or issues they may have.

Could not recommend enough!


unipres_logoWEB“The simplicity of the People Gauge tool hides the depth of information available through a very user friendly application.

It allows you to get to the heart of the matter, providing clarity across functions to the direction needed to address the specific issues that emerge.

It has been a great tool to help understand our starting point in developing our strategic engagement  initiatives and has been an overall well supported , positive experience”


blyth tall ship“People Gauge is the most accessible and cost effective way I have seen for making subjective feelings that people have about working with your organisation, measurable and trackable. It is highly impactful when shared back with the organisation, helps to shape future strategy for growth and quality improvement, pinpoints opportunities, measures self esteem and self actualisation in a convincing way and completely convinces funders of the values that are lived within the organisation through simple visual representations and a natty word diagram. We will use it regularly as part of our strategic monitoring process”

Chief Executive Officer, North East England Chamber of Commerce

“NEECC management and staff found People Gauge to be really valuable for a number of reasons.  It was very easy to use, ensuring a high response rate which provided greater assurance of validity.

It was flexible to allow us to capture specific issues and it enabled us to capture feedback from our on-going cultural change programme.

Most importantly, however, the main analysis at the core of People Gauge picked up aspects never assessed by other staff satisfaction surveys.  These softer issues are key to morale and performance and we have a much improved culture development plan as a direct result.

We are really delighted with the analysis and are now building a series of actions to address perceived areas for development.”

Chief Executive, Newcastle Gateshead Initiative

NGI CMYK(black text)“Whilst we felt the levels of engagement were already pretty good in different departments here at NewcastleGateshead Initiative, People Gauge enabled us to get a true feel for what our people were really thinking and feeling.

It quickly and effectively showed us what was working well and what needed a little more attention.

We have used the findings to improve what it is like to work here and ensure that our staff continue to be actively engaged.

Attracting, developing and retaining talented staff is incredibly important to us and we feel that People Gauge supports this key priority.”

Chief Executive, Parkdean Resorts

“Working for an organisation which employs up to 8,000 people at peak, employee engagement is a very important part of our business agenda.  We have in the past tried various different survey types however People Gauge is by far the best.

One of the benefits that we see is the simplicity both in the survey itself for our people to complete and just as important for the managers when looking at the results.  This has been evidenced by the clear understanding of our line managers of the reports they can get from People Gauge which allows us all to ensure we continuously improve.

The visually colourful nature of the reports are a real benefit also.

I have no hesitation in recommending to any size business”.

Chief Executive Officer, Newcastle International Airport

NIAL“At Newcastle International we contract with People Gauge to measure the level of staff engagement within all parts of our business. This has greatly assisted us in further developing our people strategies and they have also supported us in developing a bespoke Supervisory Development Programme.

The People Gauge survey tool provides a simple user friendly solution that enables organisations to cost effectively canvass the views of their people and thereby efficiently obtain staff feedback. The easy to use system can be tailored, to provide insight into specific aspects of a business as may be required and we have found the outcomes easy to interpret.

Through People Gauge we have been able to develop a greater level of insight into what our people think and measure the impact of our people management initiatives. Their input has helped us to make improvement in terms of staff engagement, which has fully contributed to our commercial success. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending People Gauge, whose services we have found to be professional, flexible and business orientated.”

Head of HR, Esh Group

EshGroup Logo“People Gauge ….is so easy to understand.  We had high levels of engagement and results were supplied within a matter of days.

It  provoked action and engagement across our organisation.

We look forward to measuring progress when the  survey is repeated next year.”

Head of HR, IKO

IKO Logo WEBPeople Gauge has really changed the way we assess our employees’ engagement.  Previously we used a generic survey system in an attempt to measure performance.  As well as being long winded and onerous on our time and resource, it didn’t really provide us with the information we needed.

People Gauge has completely changed that!  We were able to tailor parts of the survey so we could ask open questions of our employees – things that were important to IKO.  We found the overall engagement charts and engagement themes to be so valuable.  The information PeopleGauge provided has meaning, we can actually see where we need to make a positive impact to improve the engagement of our workforce.  We are able to drill down and look at individual sites, departments and even look at how engagement our management team were in contrast to our none managers.

People Gauge provide the personal touch, listening to your needs and providing a solution that meets them.  After looking in detail at other products on the market I can safely say we have got fantastic value for money.”

CEO, Onyx Group

Onyx LogoOnyx use People Gauge on a continual basis to measure and then improve our employee engagement statistics.

We were incredibly impressed by the quality of the data we received and the staff were very positive about the confidential service provided.

I would certainly recommend this to any company who wished to improve their levels of employee engagement.”

Head Teacher, Wigton Moor Primary School, Leeds

Parent Gauge is simple and easy for parents to access, takes very little time to complete and, the best thing is, someone else collates all the answers for you!

The wordle gives a lovely summing up of overall feelings and descriptions of our school which is great for newsletters, governors …and display when it’s as positive as ours!

The filtering system allows our senior leadership to evaluate, more specifically, provision strengths and issues in certain areas of the school.

Parent Gauge, like People Gauge and Student Gauge, is an excellent tool to support your self-evaluation and provide clear data for all our stakeholders to monitor how well we are doing.    Thanks!”

Head Teacher, St Benets Primary School , Co. Durham

As a primary school we are very familiar with the process of self-evaluation. We are concerned with measuring our performance in relation to our data, to how we relate to the immediate and wider community etc.

Since having engaged with Student Gauge and People Gauge we have realised that we can effectively collect quantitative and qualitative data on the main driver of our school’s business i.e. how engaged with the teaching and learning process our key stakeholders are namely our staff and our children.

It could be argued that this previously invisible strata of information on our school becomes a prime driver in the improvement of our school.

Student Gauge and People Gauge gives us dependable and clear information which enables us to find clear routes to improving our school with a profound understanding of where to meet the needs of the most important groups in our community.

If you want to move any organisation forward how could this ever be achieved without a clear picture of the engagement of the people in it and this is particularly true of schools.

What Student Gauge and People Gauge offer specifically is statistical evidence of the areas to be celebrated and addressed”.

Group HR Director, IDS

Print“People Gauge was a really simple method of understanding our organisation’s engagement levels, and in particular across our international business.

It provided our leadership team with the data to show where the required people focus and resources needed to be spent, whilst also giving a benchmark for future surveys.

A really excellent tool if you want to know how aligned your people are to your business and where to place your efforts!”

Executive Director, The Red Thread Partnership

the-red-thread-partnership-logo“When we were looking for a simple, pragmatic but highly effective staff engagement survey tool we tuned to People Gauge.  We liked the theoretical robustness of the questions, framed around Buckingham and Coffman’s work combined with Maslow; and the bright clear portrayal of the results.  As we worked with the tool we came to appreciate more the flexibility it has in both customising the questionnaire and also setting up reporting groups.  We needed to be able to offer paper based entry for some sites with our client and the also system gave us this flexibility.

From the customer’s perspective the ability to benchmark across the whole of PeopleGauge’s data set and its relevance to their business was also a big plus.

The results were fantastic – we surveyed 1300 people across over 30 sites and a wide range of roles.  From this data we’ve been able to talk the client board through information that has provided them with real, valuable insights into their business and allowed them to focus their efforts to take the business forward.  We’re currently talking about re-running the survey.

Throughout all of this Maggie provided a cheerful and ever friendly level of support as she held our hands through our first experience of the system.”

Managing Partner, Ryder Architecture Limited

Ryder_Grey“The People Gauge employee engagement survey was a highly effective precursor to entering The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies. It gave us the opportunity to measure our engagement levels and importantly, roll out any changes we needed make to ensure Ryder is a great place to work.

We’re incredibly proud of our positive culture and people, so it was essential for us to find the right tool to measure their level of engagement.

People Gauge was the most effective and innovative tool we found that could get to the heart of our people and what they believe in.  Ryder has now ranked in the Times Top 100 for the past four years.”

Executive Director, Changing Lives

changing lives logo“We found People Gauge an excellent tool for assessing employee engagement.

The set up required minimal effort and the questionnaire was user-friendly and easy to follow, taking less than 5 minutes to complete.

The outcomes have helped us to quickly identify where we can make improvements in engagement and the results were easy to understand.

We would recommend using People Gauge.”

Head of HR, Shared Interest

shared_interest_logoWEB“Having used traditional staff surveys in the past, we approached  People Gauge because we were keen to find an innovative way to measure staff engagement. 

We found the system very easy to use and any queries we had were swiftly dealt with.

The results were presented in an uncomplicated format and have provided us with an excellent platform from which to move forward.

I would recommend People Gauge to any organisation seeking to assess their employee engagement.”

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service

frs logoAs part of an approach to measuring the impact of an organisational change programme on employee engagement, a small pilot of the People Gauge tool was carried out.

Middle managers who took part in the trial responded favourably to the concept of employee engagement and quickly developed an appreciation of the differences between this and the more traditional satisfaction type surveys.

Setting up and administration of the tool was very straightforward and support from People Gauge was excellent when it was required.

Feedback from the managers on the pilot said the reports were easy to understand and their staff said the survey was quick and easy to complete (which accounted for an excellent response rate). The insight derived from the questions in the survey were presented simply but effectively in the reports and because the tool is based on a familiar model (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs), the managers were able to quickly make sense of them.

The reports helped to facilitate some self-reflection from the managers and acted as a great starting point for a conversation with their teams on the reasons behind the responses, what could be addressed and how.


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