Student Gauge & Parent Gauge

wordleWhat is at the very heart of your school? Do you really know what your children, your parents, your governors or your staff actually think and feel about your school?

We understand that actively engaged students are more motivated, more effective, more productive and more willing to learn.

We also understand that the learning experience is much improved when parents and families are involved in the process. Student Gauge and Parent Gauge are simple but effective online surveys, developed specifically for the education sector.

Used by Head Teachers, Academies and educational consultants nationally and internationally, they enable you to measure the engagement levels of pupils, parents and other partners or stakeholders.

People Gauge is a Proud Partner of Schools North East

Can you prove it?

Engaging Schools

How do you evidence that your children are actively engaged with your school?  Can you prove you proactively engage with parents and your wider community? Combined with the staff-focused People Gauge, these surveys complement your existing academic quality controls and provide you with tangible evidence of your engagement levels across the whole school community.

We’re the ideal tool for schools given you can use the surveys for your parents, your students and your staff.

Often overlooked, yet parent engagement levels are one of the strongest indicators of how well a school is functioning.  Rather than waiting for the Ofsted survey to find out how they are feeling, or a collection of feedback from staff via parents’ evenings, People Gauge anonymously and gently takes them through a series of questions that will provide you with critical information for improving the productivity and engagement levels within your school.

Our latest blog on How to Create an Engaging School provides more information on how the tool can be used within your school environment.


Using our software ensures you can

  • highlight areas of success in relation to your engagement levels
  • identify areas where your students, staff or parents may not be fully engaged, so you can improve on them
  • evidence to Ofsted how you are proactively engaging with your whole school community
  • understand what parents, governors, staff and students really think and feel about your school