Happy Valentines!

Are you doing it enough?……saying ‘thank you’ that is !

Just how often is ’enough’ when it comes to recognising the efforts of your people with a sincere and genuine THANK YOU?

As a boss, how often do you just peek up and mumble “bye….thanks” to your team as they walk out the door.  If you do, then at least that’s something, some people barely lift their heads to grunt a ‘good bye’.

People often forget what you say but they never forget how you make them feel.

So the next time a member of your team starts walking out the door, how about you try a really impressive heartfelt thank you before they leave. It goes something like this……

  1. Stand up from your desk
  2. Look them in their eye.
  3. And…….wait for it.

“Thank you Amanda for all your hard work today – you did a great job.  It’s going to make a big difference on the project.”

Now, imagine being Amanda – just how brilliant have you made her feel and it’s not like you are so important that it wasted any of your time now did it!

It’s hardly rocket science but getting that part of employee engagement right can make such a difference to your company’s engagement levels which will have a direct result on your bottom line.

So where does it fit in with Maslow and the People Gauge Employee Engagement pyramid?  Well it’s the orange segment – all about Recognition, Pride and Esteem.  However it also plays a key part in the majority of the pyramid, not least in the green segment to – ‘my manager, feedback and support’.

By running a People Gauge survey, you’ll identify trends throughout your organisation at a glance.  You’ll see the areas that need spotlighting and help.  If recognition is a big negative factor, then a simple step as above, certainly won’t cost you time or money.  It won’t take you away from your day job, and you’re likely to have Amanda waltzing in smiling the next day and, let’s face it, she’ll work harder and smarter.  In fact she’ll most likely be over 30% more productive for you and your business.  Now who wouldn’t want more of that.

Go on – show some love to your people –  Happy Valentines Day – Let’s get engaged!