How to Build a Productive Team

The importance of collaboration within the workforce is stronger than ever. Individual roles, departments and companies are merging, technology helps us work together more effectively on projects; digital skills are more common amongst almost everyone, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that you have all of your people singing from the same sheet, being productive and on the right track.

In our latest employee engagement insights blog, we’ll explore how to build a productive team.


By introducing a mentoring programme, you’ll be bringing people together who wouldn’t typically work together. You’ll inspire junior members of the team and make more senior individuals feel valued and good about themselves. We all love sharing knowledge and passion with others who are eager to learn – running a mentoring programme does just that.

Coaching Programmes

Coaching not only brings your people on in terms of their skills but it also takes the time out of their days to bring teams and colleagues together. Coaching in a team environment also fosters a sense of community and knowledge sharing.

Team Building
Some cringe at the thought of team building days, some relish at the chance to get out there and work together with their team in a different environment. Whatever side you’re on, there’s no doubt that when you take a group of people away from their normal working environment to work together on something (anything) you’ll notice them returning to the normal work space invigorated and bonded…often with their problem solving skills fine-tuned!

Team Challenges

There’s a reason mad (I mean dedicated) people go on huge adventures and challenges together such as the Three Peaks Challenge, Aside from the self-challenge, and the ability to raise money for charities in all manner of random of ways, it’s often their way of also showing their commitment to an organisation. “I’m willing to do this and represent you as an employer. I’m committed and one of the team”. Whatever the team challenge, a mammoth hike, a beach clean or an office bake off, those people who participate return to the office energised, invincible and most of all incredibly bonded and engaged.

So what does this all mean?

Whilst my people are off doing these fabulous things, what’s happening to my bottom line and productivity, I hear you say…

Easy – it’s increasing. The time that you commit to enabling your team to participate in such activities, the more engaged and productive they’ll be with your organisation. Consider it investing in their emotional bank account with you.

Companies with engaged people on average have a 22% higher productivity rate – this blog explains a bit more too.

So should you bother? Absolutely yes… now, where are those hiking boots? 