New Year New You!

We all know that the New Year is a time for reflection. A time when unfortunately many of your people may be browsing the job boards with a view to making a fresh new start – somewhere else.

Now, we could write blog around how to get your employees feeling motivated and raring to go on their return, but we thought we’d turn it over to you. How about you, as an HR Manager, a People Manager, a CEO …how can we help you make a brand new start.

The People Gauge employee engagement reports often identify that disengaged staff are often not being effectively managed. That people are lacking the encouragement, the personal development plans, the recognition and quite frankly the attention they deserve.

Now is a perfect time to man up to your managers and review what you accept as the management culture and style within your organisation. Don’t forget to look at your own style of people management…..are you perfect or could you be even just a little bit better?

Here are our recommendations on getting to the root cause of many engagement issues and working with your managers to help give their management techniques a New Year sparkle!

Step 1

The New Year is a perfect time to test the water and measure the levels of engagement within a business. Excuse us for plugging People Gauge, but we know from talking to other clients how they find it a perfect tool to kick start each year with measuring engagement levels.

So, your first step could be to think about the timing of when you run your survey – would February or March be good, once you’re into the New Year – or is waiting until the new financial year kicks in better for you?

Step 2

After running your survey, you will be able to easily identify those management styles and issues that are one of the root causes of any disengagement, try to get to the bottom of what is the main cause. For example is it:

    • A lack of recognition – you may think your people are fabulous but do they know that?
    • A lack of regular communication – one to ones, 360 feedback , regular bulletins or just simple business updates
    • A perceived lack of career aspiration or personal development plans – you may have great plans for people – but are they aware of them?


Step 3

Once you’ve identified the root causes then it’s best to address each one at a time.

For example if your survey identifies that your people don’t feel recognised or appreciated. Have you considered rolling out a recognition programme?

By embedding a recognition culture and programme it makes it something that isn’t ad hoc and soon forgotten, but something that is planned, considered and has a structured approach.

You’ll of course need your managers’ buy in and to find ways of helping them understand the part recognition plays in employee engagement too, so brushing up on your own knowledge of the part recognition plays in employee engagement is great homework for you too!

To learn more check out our blog on recognition:  or why not listen to the latest Engage for Success radio show that we took part in – it’s all about recognition.

So from all the team at People Gauge – we wish you a very happy New Year and hope that you and your management team get off to a flying start with getting the very best out of your people throughout 2016.