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You’re new…so now what?

You’re new … so what next? Managing a new team can be a really exciting prospect. You’ve

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HR is from Venus, Internal Comms from Mars

In most companies, the Internal Communications team work with lots of other departments, including HR. Despite this,

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how to improve employee engagement in 30 minutes

Improving Employee Engagement in 30 mins

As a busy line manager, If you actually had a spare 30 minutes in your workday, what

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Beating the Holiday Blues

Do you need to give your people a break when they return from a holiday? Going back

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How to Create an Engaging School

As a Head of School, you certainly have a lot to think and worry about lately, especially

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engaging manufacturing

Engaging Manufacturing

Disengaged people don’t walk around wearing purple spots and pink stripes, it’s just not that not that

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Happy Valentines!

Are you doing it enough?……saying ‘thank you’ that is ! Just how often is ’enough’ when it

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New year new you

New Year New You!

We all know that the New Year is a time for reflection. A time when unfortunately many

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the art of caring

Employee Engagement and the Art of Caring

There’s one question on the People Gauge employee engagement survey that I’m going to let you into

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How to Build a Productive Team

The importance of collaboration within the workforce is stronger than ever. Individual roles, departments and companies are

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